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Soul Pilates at Home

The place where we bring our in-studio expertise of Pilates into your home to guide and support you so that you move better and ultimately feel better. Every. Single. Day.

20-mins Pilates classes all designed to uplift your Soul, strengthen your body and provide a moment of calm in your busy life.

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Move Better. Feel Better. Everyday

Let's NOURISH and never punish your body so it feels good every day.

We’ve brought together expert teachers from across the UK to create hundreds of classes and movement plans for you to follow.

As well as Pilates, we've also got Barre and more cardio focused classes so you can add some challenge into your home routine whenever you feel like it. 

"Change Happens Through Movement and Movement Heals"

Joseph Pilates

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"I love being able to tune into a Pilates class around my busy work/childcare schedule.

I used to be taught by Nic in Bristol and I love that I can continue to be taught by her now I've moved to Scotland"

Rebecca, Edinburgh

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